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  USB 1.1 Extension over CAT5/6    

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List Price: $39.22 per EACH
Item Code: APC-4902
Weight: 0.50LB
Categories: USB Adapters and Converters
UPC: 800991172508
Connector A: USB-A(USB 1.1)
Connector B: USB-A(USB 1.1)
Product Type: USB Adapters & Converters
Color: Black
Synnex#: 2689235
Tech Data#: 87861S
ASI Partner # : 147728
M-Wave#: AA82439

APC USB 1.1 Extension over CAT5/6

Product Specification
Host side: USB A Male connector/ RJ45 Transmitter End
Device side: USB A Female connector/ RJ45 Receiver End
Transfer Rate: 1.5Mbps and 12 Mbps
Physical: ABS
Dimension: 67.5mm x 38mm x 28mm
Environment: Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature: -65°C to 150°C


Extend regular USB Signals over Cat 5 cable. Using a set of transmitter and
receiver, the USB signals can be extended to a range of 40 meters.

Package: Blister
USB Extension Transmitter End x 1
USB Extension Receiver End x 1
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